Healing Happens: Four Keys to True Success

I was laying on a massage table while getting energy healing done. The energy healer sweetly whispered in my ear, “Just because your mother has hypothyroidism doesn’t mean you have to.” She said it so confidently that I believed her despite everything else I had been taught about genetics.

I feel that experience was an aid in my healing. Since then I have discovered nearly 200 stories of people who healed beyond what their doctors expected. Some were even given a few months or a few hours to live, yet I met them years later when they were fully healthy.

With finding so many miraculous healing stories when they weren’t common knowledge, I felt it important to put all the stories in one book to help people see their potential to overcome disease and live a happy life. I wanted to know the keys of what they each did to heal so I started interviewing all kinds of health and healing experts for my book Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds....

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