The Big Picture Principle: A Three Step System to Simplify the Rules of a Healthy Diet

You have probably been bombarded with all sorts of advice and ideas on all the latest diet fads. Instead what you may be craving is a simple shift in mindset and an approach that will allow you to make better choices without sapping your willpower and beating yourself up. If you understand some basic principles that are easy to remember, you will feel more empowered to take control of your health and to create more vitality in your life.

As a child I started reading nutrition books. I became particular enough about food that my mother was concerned I was anorexic even though I had a big appetite. I actually only went through one phase where I was counting calories and the amount of nutrients I was getting. Most of the time I wanted to enjoy life and not be too particular.

When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, hypoglycemia, and food allergies I had even more to learn about food and unique diets for those conditions. After I did all of my...

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Three Causes of Thyroid and Autoimmune Disorders For Everyone to Know

If you have been following my work, then you know I once had issues with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, and now I learned how to control them. At the time I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, it was not as commonly known that the cause was Hashimoto’s. Today, test results reveal about 97% of people with Hypothyroidism have Hashimoto’s.

Hashimoto’s is an auto-immune disorder. Oftentimes, auto-immune disorders are defined as the body attacking itself. I would like to propose a different meaning; that the body is trying to heal something which seems to be foreign and harmful. Whether that is due to your own body feeling foreign, or is due to the activity of an outside invader, I will explain below.

We often like to find reasons for disease so that we have something to blame, and we also prefer a clear explanation for what we can do to heal. Sometimes the symptoms of disease get exacerbated because of something we did not know. And sometimes disease presents...

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