The Courage to Prevail

A few months ago I attended a breakthrough program called Enlightened Warrior Training Camp where we were put to the test to conquer fears. For many people it is filled with the most difficult things they have ever done. For me it was not the most challenging things I have done but one of the most transformative. What has been one of the most challenging things was finishing the first draft of the manuscript of my book Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds.

I have ski dived out of planes, bungee jumped off of bridges, backpacked in the woods by myself with bears, and traveled around the world solo, and this was harder. Since books take so long to put together, it has been more like an extended Warrior Camp. My book is about exceeding limitations and that is exactly what I have had to do to get this far.

“I am a Warrior…I am willing to do what’s ‘Hard’.”

I remember as a child telling my mother I wanted to write an autobiography...

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