Nine Days to a New You

What if within one day you could feel a greater sense of joy, release all pains in your body, feel the energy of a child, have a calm clear mind to accomplish any task, and open a direct connection with the Divine? And then after nine days you would notice a significant weight loss and bad habits being broken so you can maintain the weight loss and continue to lose weight if needed? The solution is the Nine-Day Diet, a cleanse created by the great yoga guru Paramhansa Yogananda.

For those of you who have never done a cleanse before, do not worry because you can eat as much as you want. The point is to eat high nutrient foods that are easy to digest and promote digestion.

Imagine the roads in New York City. Because the city never sleeps, there are always cars and the roads move slowly. With the influx of people moving at once to Portland, rush hour has bottle necked and is very slow. Yet people sleep in Portland allowing the roads to empty and the first cars in the morning to get a clear passageway.

What if we create a third city where we do not have too many cars driving through at once so they can always get through quickly? And what if there was also time off in between the loads so the road can breathe and the homes nearby get some time for quiet, calmness, and stillness?

This is all related to what happens with food in our digestive tract. Our system gets clogged like a traffic jam when we do not give it enough of a break. Heavy foods get stuck like a car accident making it take extra long for everything else to go through our system.

Typically, in today’s world, our bodies and minds are getting over-stimulated and pulled in too many directions at once as if the manager of a manufacturing plant provides conflicting orders to different departments at once. Imagine if all of your energy were applied in one direction at a time, how much further you could go.

It often seems like a big task to make a lifelong change in a moment. Rather if you commit to applying your will power over a small period of time that feels doable, and you will change your habits and the biochemical make up of your body so you no longer have the same food cravings. That is why it is much easier to break bad habits and keep weight off with a cleanse.

Many diets and cleanses utilize processed foods or pills to make the shift happen. Those are focused on having less calories so you are putting less fat into the body. Or the pills help digest food more easily but do not train the better to have better digestion on its own. Processed foods are also harder for the body to break down and utilize because the structure is further from what our bodies are actually made of. (To learn more about what foods are best for your body, read this blog post on The Big Picture Principle of Diet.)

The Nine-Day Diet is completely natural and filled with fresh vegetables and fruits that will nourish you and flush your system out naturally. Out of all of the cleanses I have done, I find it to be one of the most challenging and most effective. It is easy to follow and no more expensive than your regular diet. In fact, today it more closely matches my daily diet.

The last thing I want to mention are the spiritual benefits. When our bodies do not feel well, they catch our attention. When our energy is low we cannot enjoy life as much and accomplish as much. When our emotions and thoughts are scattered, we cannot be as efficient and productive with our time.

Foods with lots of spices rile us up and move our energy in all directions. Foods that are heavy, processed, or overcooked slow us down. Overeating taxes the system. In just one day of eating foods that are easy for your body to digest and cause calmness, all of those distractions can disappear.

When we are not distracted by our body, mind, and emotions we can open up to what lies beyond that. We can tap into intuition and innovative solutions or ideas to manifest. We can feel more energy, joy, love, peace, and calmness. We can more easily discover our purpose and the best way to make it a reality in each moment. I love meditations starting at the end of day one of a cleanse where I experience stillness and calmness like never before all from just changing my diet for a few hours.

Lastly, cleanses teach us not to be dependent on food for our only sustenance. You cannot feed a dead body food and have it come back to life. There is more that keeps us alive than just food. Why is it that many yogis have been found to keep themselves alive without food?

You can experience that for yourself. Next time you have a slight hunger pain when it is not time to eat, go outside in the sun or open the window and take a few deep breaths. Then notice if your body gets filled up and you no longer feel hungry. Why is it that Paramhansa Yogananda and Jesus could say the following?:
"The soul is independent of food.“  ΜΆ Paramhansa Yogananda
"Life and strength do not depend solely on food or exercise, but are sustained from the powers within.“  ΜΆ Paramhansa Yogananda
“Man shall not live by bread alone.” ΜΆ Jesus
Holidays are around the corner. You can enjoy them as much as you want and then do the online cleanse with me at the beginning of January, or start to change your diet now so you do not detox as much at once when you join the cleanse. We will have an online network to support each other along with live guided group meditations. The Nine-Day Diet provides a very simple system that has repeatedly made drastic shifts for hundreds of people. If nine days feels like too much, try it for just three days or even one day and notice massive results without that much effort.

Discover not the new you, but the real you. Get a head start in preparing for the cleanse by joining the online course How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality.


With the cleanse you receive:
More extensive training on the 9-Day Diet
Group magnetism and support
Personal guidance from me
Daily cleansing affirmations
More tips on cleansing and nutritional information
The intention of the entire online course is to:
Rejuvenate the body and mind
Relax more consciously and deeply
Increase your magnetism
Feel more sustaining energy throughout your day
Overcome mental stagnation
Heal and prevent disease
Thus you will also receive:
textbook (pdf format)
Over 12 digital video classes given by Avital Miller including How to Create a Recharging Habit and How to Live an Energetic Life
interactive forums for sharing insights, inspiration, and encouragement
experiential exercises helping you put these teachings into practice
4 audios and videos by meditation and yoga instructors with over 45 years of experience
personal support (via email or telephone)
Recordings and resources to perform your own cleanse
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