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Who doesn't want more energy and joy? What if you had tools to help overcome pain and sickness more easily and quickly? What if you started to feel like you were getting sick on a day you have a big meeting, presentation, or exam and you can nip it in the bud so it doesn’t impact your day? Or if you sprained your ankle right before a dream vacation but can help heal it on your own so you can comfortably walk by the time you arrive at your destination?

This course shares easy do-it-yourself healing techniques to help resolve chronic and acute health concerns. You can follow a system going through the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions or choose which path is right for you.

You will learn ways to:

  • Supercharge your immune system
  • Rejuvenate the body and mind
  • Relax more consciously and deeply
  • Increase your magnetism
  • Feel more sustaining energy throughout your day.

The course includes interactive videos, exercises for you to practice on your own, journaling, and introspection to offer you:

  • Simple diet tips for greater health and beauty
  • Energization Exercises for manifesting more energy, will-power and focus
  • Meditation techniques to calm the mind and stimulate more joy
  • Restorative Yoga for relaxation and rejuvenation.

By registering for this course you also gain lifetime access to the private Facebook group "Healing Happens - Solutions and Support" so you can ask Avital questions anytime and get support from a network of high-minded individuals.

This comprehensive program is inspired by over 30 interviews with top health and healing experts, the wisdom of the great yoga guru Paramhansa Yogananda, modern research, and Avital’s experiences healing from an autoimmune disorder beyond what the doctors explained was possible.

Practice simple exercises that produce fast results to shift the way your body operates. The system is created to make it easy to integrate these new healthy habits into your busy lifestyle. You can take as much time as you need to go through this course and start feeling the benefits right away. Take the power of healing back into your hands.


What You Can Expect:

  1. Fast Results

Some of the techniques you will learn take as little as 15 seconds to help shift your energy towards absolute peace and control.

  1. Individualized Path

Since every one of us is unique, there is not an exact formula that fits us all. Our goal is to help you determine the path towards healing that is right for you.

  1. Always Relevant

We are constantly upgrading what is shared according to new research and shifting consciousness so it never becomes outdated. 


What Others Are Saying About Avital’s Healing Program:

“Avital is an ideal and much-needed healer for today’s world.”

—Forbes Riley, Creator/CEO SpinGym, motivational speaker, author, and visionary behind the Forbes Factor


“Avital was amazing! I loved her energy. She has a unique gift in being able to gain attention in a very positive manner. I felt like she truly provided value.”

—Celso Olivas, Portland, OR

“Avital gives clear and concise instructions which make the Energization Exercises easy to follow. I felt energized right away. My mind is relaxed and ready for the challenge of the day. I will use the exercises regularly.”

—Jingwu Zhang, San Jose, CA

“I was able to clear negative thoughts and re-open my heart. I feel alive and ready to achieve a better life spiritually and psychologically.”



“I was given incredible insight into going deeper into self-realization. I was able to gather tools to help me achieve a better understanding of my life path. Avital is an incredibly bright and wise teacher. I loved her guided meditation and nutritional guidance.”

—C.E., Graegle, CA


“This program was exactly what I needed. I feel more whole and capable of living genuinely in all parts of my life. Visuals were great.”



“This really helped me to look within, value myself, and help me focus on me and from there be able to take care of others. Avital was amazing.”

—R.M., Vacaville, CA


“I was introduced to some ways of living and thinking that will enhance my life.”



“This program was very helpful. It's easy to know what I should do, but Avital has shown me some tools to start being the me I know I can be.”



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